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Monster DNA headphones are a bold, clear and iconic expression of the shape of things to come. They feature the company’s breakthrough Pure Monster Sound, specially tuned by Head Monster Noel Lee, the audio engineer behind the sound of Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. Pure Monster Sound uses Monster’s latest proprietary technologies and sonic innovations to bring the full experience of live music to music lovers and concert goers everywhere. Articulate, tight, and ultimately revealing, it’s as close to live music as being on stage with the musicians.

Among the innovative capabilities of Monster DNA headphones is the debut of the Monster Music Link, which features dual-port inputs that allow up to five headphones to connect at once and share their audio experience. Friends can enjoy all their music together in a brand new way, feeling every detail and beat, just as though they were in the studio or on stage with the musicians.

Designed with both the music and fashion in mind, Monster DNA features a distinctive “not-round, not-oval,” but totally new, bold and striking triangular shape.  The color scheme itself is just as innovative, with the inside color asserting itself just as prominently as the outer headband color. The inside color shows up on the upper side, and both colors are meaningful. Extensive design considerations in Monster DNA also include advanced, pillow-soft noise-isolating cushions that lock in sound so you can listen for hours and hours without distraction. The noise isolation keeps out extraneous noise and the total comfort prevents listening fatigue, which is great for hours-long listening sessions at the office, at home, or anywhere.

In yet another innovative design twist, you can customize your Monster DNA Headphones with a look that’s all you, from brushed steel to white leopard, with Monster DNA Custom Looks. The Custom Looks “skins” also give the headphones an extra layer of protection, and can be removed without leaving residue.  Adding even more style flexibility, Monster is announcing its Factory Customization program – Monster DNA will be the first headphone that will allow users to select one of many unique patterns direct from the factory, including styles that are not sold either in retail stores or online.

Because Monster DNA is engineered for today’s generation, where smartphone, communications and connectivity are as essential as their music, it features Monster’s most advanced Control Talk feature, with an improved microphone and three-button Apple controller, providing the best possible clarity for all calls.

Monster DNA is available now in seven different versions, including On-Ear models in Black, White, Cobalt Blue and Perfect Teal for a suggested retail price of $229.95 US, as well as Black and White In-Ear versions for $129.95 US.

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