New York Audio Show, Coming Nov. 8-10, to the Park Lane Hotel

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The organizers of the New York Audio Show are pleased to announce their 8th and consecutive show and the 4th at the PARK LANE HOTEL which has proven such a popular venue; this is the quality High Audio Event of the year and unique to New York City.

No side shows, no bands, no distractions, no ice cream vendors just top class gear in every Suite.

As usual each Exhibitor has their own self-contained top quality Suite and in each one visitor’s can relax, compare and enjoy the extraordinary high quality music reproduction now available from Manufacturers around the world.

Visitors can bring their own records or source material and choose the best days to attend as the event is held over 3 days; to avoid queues tickets can be bought online and also save money.

As in previous years the show is on two levels plus the Grand Ballroom in central New York City and enjoys a great atmosphere in a great location and connectivity in the heart of the City and one thing that binds all Exhibitors and Visitors together alike, the joy of music played at its very very best.

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