Nordost Odin 2 – Launch at High End 2015 Munich

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Nordost Odin 2
Nordost will be launching their new Supreme Reference Series, Odin 2 at High End 2015, in Munich. The new Odin 2 cables incorporate the latest innovations and discoveries that Nordost has made through extensive research and development. The new Odin 2 Range consists of analog, digital, and tonearm interconnects, as well as loudspeaker, bi-wire jumper and power cables. Each cable type uses Nordost’s patented Dual Mono-Filament process, revolutionary Total Signal Control technology, and innovative, proprietary HOLO:PLUG connectors to achieve the highest level of performance possible.

The Odin 2 Power Cord is constructed with seven silver-plated, close tolerance, 14 AWG 99.999999% oxygen free copper conductors. Nordost’s patented Dual Mono-Filament technology creates a virtual air dielectric between the extruded FEP insulation and each individual conductor. Nordost’s TSC technology is then carried throughout the cable and into its purpose-built, 100% shielded, HOLO:PLUG connector. Odin 2 Power Cords are available with HOLO:PLUG US (Nema), EU (Schuko), AUS or UK to Odin 2 HOLO:PLUG® IEC-C15 or IEC-C19 terminations. The retail price is $16,999.99 for a 1.25 meter length; additional 1.25 meter increments are $4,999.99 U.S.

Odin 2 Analog Interconnects consist of ten silver-plated, 23 AWG 99.999999% OFC conductors, each utilizing proprietary Dual Mono-Filament technology and precise FEP extrusion. Odin 2 phono and balanced interconnects are also constructed using purpose built low mass, dual ring HOLO:PLUG RCA or XLR connectors which reduce vibrations and eddy currents when mated to components. The retail price is $19,999.99 U.S.for a 0.6 meter pair; additional half stereo meter increments are $2,499.99 U.S.

For turntable users, Nordost has introduced a dedicated tonearm cable consisting of four silver-plated, solid core conductors wrapped in a patented Dual Mono-Filament suspension and protected by Nordost’s Total Signal Control technology. These four TSC tubes are precisely arranged around a dedicated ground wire. Odin 2 Tonearm Cables are terminated with customized, extremely low mass HOLO:PLUG connectors, weighing less than half the mass of conventional Din connectors, including straight or 90º Din, XLR and RCA. The retail price is $11,999.99 U.S. for a 1.25 meter length; additional meter increments are $3,999.99 U.S.

Odin 2 Digital Cables ensure the impedance matching necessary for S/PDIF and AES/EBU leads. The 75 Ohm cable consists of a single, co-axial, silver-plated, solid core conductor. The 110 Ohm cable is constructed with two silver-plated conductors placed in a twin-axial design. Both Odin 2 Digital Interconnects use Nordost’s patented Dual Mono-Filament and TSC technologies and are terminated with Nordost’s purpose-built XLR and BNC HOLO:PLUG® connectors, elevating these cables to a level never before achieved by digital leads. (The 75 Ohm S/PDIF digital cable is supplied with a gold plated BNC/RCA adapter) The retail price is $10,999.99 U.S. for a 1.25 meter length; additional 1.25 meter increments are $2,999.99 U.S.

Odin 2 Loudspeaker Cables use 26 silver-plated, solid core conductors. Each conductor takes advantage of Nordost’s Dual Mono-Filament technology and is encased in a high purity class 1.003 FEP extrusion. The conductors are carefully arranged and precisely spaced on either side of a hollow inner core in order to provide a perfect mechanical interface along the length of the cable. The Odin 2 Bi-Wire Jumper has an identical construction, making it the perfect extension to accommodate bi-wire speakers while maintaining a consistent sonic signature throughout an entire sound system. Both Odin 2 Loudspeaker and Bi-Wire Jumper Cables are terminated with Nordost’s gold-plated HOLO:PLUG spade and Z-plug banana connectors to ensure maximum surface contact and signal transfer. The retail price for the Odin 2 Loudspeaker cable is $29,999.99 for a one meter pair; additional half meter stereo increments are $3,999.99 U.S. The retail price for the Odin 2 Bi-Wire Jumpers at 13.5” (.34m) is $6,999.99 U.S. .

Nordost’s new Supreme Reference Series has been introduced to allow every aspect of live performance to be achieved and allow listeners to fully immerse themselves in the music. Details on availability are expected to be available shortly. Look for more at:

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