NuForce DAC-9

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NuForce has just recently released their new DAC-9 which offers a plethora of inputs – six in all (USB, XLR, BNC, RCA, Toslink/3.5mm optical).  Is it me or do you also find the design to be Cylon-esk? 

The DAC-9 uses a unique output filter after two summed current-output DACs plus minimalist analog output stage without NFB preserve phase coherence, musical harmonics and transient fidelity.  Still with me?  If not, just keep reading.  A toroidal transformer that has multiple stages of voltage regulation should provide for more stable power.  Outputs are XLR, RCA and 3.5/6.3mm headphone.  The USB input is 24/96 compatible.

Price comes in at: $1695 U.S.

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