NuForce uDAC-2 SE USB Headphone Amp

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NuForce, has just announced their new uDAC-2 SE, a follow-up to their Icon uDAC-2. The new NuForce uDAC-2 SE promises enhanced performance and utilizes Asynchronous USB Mode with up-sampling.

The uDAC-2SE’s 24bit/96kHz USB Digital Audio Converter can improve the quality of a computer based digital music system by ensuring that a high-quality analog signal is fed to headphones and/or stereo systems. In the Asynchronous USB transfer mode, the downstream audio device controls the digital audio data that a computer feeds via its USB interface. The result is reduced jitter and correspondingly improved sound. The uDAC-2 SE can also serve to up-sample digital music.

Existing uDAC-2 Signature Gold Edition customers can obtain a free upgrade to Asynchronous USB design, while uDAC-2 customers can upgrade to the uDAC-2SE for $140 U.S. by purchasing an upgrade kit, which contains uDAC-2SE circuit board and stainless steel front and back panels.

The suggested retail price of the Icon uDAC-2 SE is $249 U.S. and is currently available in black or red color.

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