Peachtree Grand Integrated

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Peachtree is following up their recently announced, though not yet available, Grand Pre preamplifier, with their all-new Grand Integrated Class D integrated amplifier.  The new Grand Integrated is a relatively compact component with a plethora of functionality: a Sabre 24/192 USB DAC, dual 12AX7 preamp buffer, headphone amp and a ICEPower based class D, 400wpc into 8ohms amplifier.  Power filtering capacitance is 69,000uf.  Variable outputs on the integrated can output up to 8vrms/11.2v peak and the fixed output is 2vrms.  A defeatable 80Hz high-pass output for combining bookshelf speakers with a subwoofer, is also part of the feature list.  The remote includes basic features plus phase / polarity inversion and tube switching.  Weight is 28lbs, warranty 2 years on parts, 6 months on tubes.

The Peachtree Grand Integrated is expected to be available by the end of this year at a MSRP of: $4.295 U.S.  While the Grand Pre preamp, which is essentially the same product less the amplifiers, will have a MSRP of: $2,999.

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