Pioneer S-MM201 USB-powered Computer Speakers

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If you’re tired of the poor quality sound eminating from your laptop speakers, you might want to take a look at Pioneer’s new S-MM201 USB-powered computer speakers.

The S-MM201 speakers are designed to deliver better performance and a much fuller sound experience than built-in laptop speakers, all from a compact package that is easily transportable and can be quickly connected via USB and without the need for AC power. The S-MM201 offers a built-in audio DAC and bass-reflex enclosure designed to enhance bass frequencies.

Shaped like small cubes with angled tops, the S-MM201 features 45mm full range drivers with control buttons for volume up, volume down and mute. The model utilizes a bass-reflex enclosure with a small port in front for increased bass reproduction. For added cosmetic appeal, the speakers are designed with see-through bottom casings and blue LED lights that illuminate when in use. The speakers are connected and powered via an included USB cable and uses built-in audio DACs to provide great sound quality. The speakers stand at 4 inches tall and weigh only 23 ounces for easy transportability. The S-MM201 computer speakers are available in black or white for a suggested retail price of $59.95 US.

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