Pioneer SE-CL331 Water Resistant Earbuds

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Pioneer Electronics just announced their new SE-CL331 water resistant earbuds. The new in-ear headphones are specifically designed with active-lifestyle consumers in-mind. The water resistant design of the earphones allows the owner to rinse off the headphones, after using them in physical activities such as hiking, running etc. The earbuds include four interchangeable ear tips to cater the comfort and fit needs of the owner. A long 3.9′ (1.2 m) cord is provided, allowing for greater flexibility.

Quality sonics have also been a consideration in the design of the SE-CL331, which uses 9mm drivers to deliver deeper bass response. In addition to preventing the earbuds from slipping out of your ears during heavy physical activity, the in-ear design and four interchangeable ear-tips (XS, S, M, L) will substantially reduce the amount of ambient noise, allowing you to listen at a lower volume level and enjoy the immersive soundscape.

The earbuds are available in four exciting colors including pink, blue, yellow and white and come equipped with a convenient carrying pouch.

The SE-CL331 is available this July at an MSRP of: $59 U.S.

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