Reference 3A NEFES Loudspeaker

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Reference 3A NEFES Loudspeaker


Reference 3A has made its name by designing and producing uniquely direct-coupled loudspeaker drivers, resulting in some of the finest sounding speakers in the market.  The latest addition to the company’s range of products is the new NEFES loudspeaker, which utilizes advanced materials and crossover-less drivers at its heart.

Two superb 8 inch, full range drivers and a pure Beryllium dome tweeter are assembled in a vertical array into a very rigid and inert cabinet making the foundation of the new NEFES.  Beryllium tweeters are mounted behind an exponential acoustic wave guide for better time alignment and more uniform dispersion patterns.    With no crossover on the main drivers (just a very high quality capacitor) the high pass filter on the Beryllium dome tweeter sounds dynamic, fast, articulate and very coherent.   To further refine the performance, the NEFES uses patented Surreal Acoustic Lenses, for diffusing inherent driver cone turbulence noise; and patented Magnetic Wave Guides to purify the incoming audio signal.  Cryogenically treated, Teflon insulated, pure OCC copper conductors in appropriate thicknesses for each driver and copper input connectors are also used to ensure perfect signal transmission.  Housed in extremely rigid and inert loudspeakers cabinets, NEFES is finished in a durable anthracite coloured, suede textured Nextel coating.  This special coating effectively absorbs sound and light for acoustically and visually silent cabinets.  $9,950/pair CDN.

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