Resonessence Labs New Invicta DAC

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Resonessence Labs has just introduced their new Invicta stereo DAC. The DAC is relatively compact, at 5cm X 22cm X 28cm and can be rack mounted.

The Invicta is ASYNC 1.0 (not 2.0) USB Audio compliant. USB Audio 2.0 and ASIO drivers are in development and the Invicta will support this eventually. Three rear BNC connectors are electrically isolated, with two being programmable as input or output. Customers can choose to have Word Sync, Clock and Data with a simple software upgrade. A HDMI connector is incorporated for a future upgrades.

The employed hardware set allows for: I2S over HDMI, HD OSD output and HDMI Audio input. Two headphone jacks and a CD card slot are present on the front panel and the back panel includes high speed USB audio, TosLink, BNC and AES. The front display will indicate the sample rate, with all common sample rates currently supported by the Invicta. Analog outputs include unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR. As per the growing trend in displays, the Invicta sports a large OLED screen for high definition display of settings and information.

The MSRP is $3995 U.S.

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