Bryston BP-17 Cubed Preamplifer — Coming Soon

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Bryston has just revealed details about its upcoming BP-17³ (or BP-17 Cubed) preamplifier, which adapts the same patented technology as the fabulous sounding Cubed Series of amplifiers.

The Bryston BP-17 Cubed will feature the company’s patented Salomie circuit which dramatically reduces noise and distortion at the input stage. Bryston not only updated the BP-17 preamplifier to include this new circuit, but also improved the feature set of this already outstanding preamplifier.

Here are the highlights of the BP-17 Cubed:

  • Expanded input / output capability: two pairs of XLR outputs and two pairs of RCA outputs make it possible to connect a wide variety of equipment such as amplifiers and powered subwoofers. An RCA tape loop lets you use a line-level equalizer or tape recorder, but best of all, one of the XLR output pairs can be internally selected to have variable (default) or fixed output meaning you can easily connect a BHA-1 or other balanced-input headphone amplifier.
  • The original BP-17 only had single ended inputs. The new Cubed Series model includes two pairs of balanced inputs as well.
  • The BP-17³ can be ordered with a high quality MM Phono stage, high resolution DAC, both, or neither.

How much and when can you get it?

The BP-17³ is expected to begin shipping in September.  The new model will retail for $3995 – only a $200 increase over the previous edition.

Pre-order specials!

As an incentive to queue up for the first units, Bryston is offering a special to dealers and customers that place a pre-order by August 31. Any preorder received  between now and August 31 qualifies for a free option. Pick one of the  following: an internal phono stage, internal DAC, or BR-2 remote control.

Speaking of DAC options…

Effective immediately, Bryston has reduced the price of the optional internal DACs on all of its preamps and integrated amps from $1595 to $750. Great deal!

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