Nise Wave Personal Chef Device Automates Gourmet Cooking at Home

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Nise Wave Personal Chef Device 01 (Custom)

Nise Wave, the world’s most affordable WiFi sous vide, is now live on Kickstarter. Nise Wave is a high tech personal chef primed to revolutionize home cooking. It transforms any pot of water into a precision cooking device using the sous vide method, a cooking technique valued by chefs and foodies around the world. Nise Wave is the most affordable WiFi sous vide on the market with early bird crowdfunding pricing starting at $119, a 40% discount from legacy $200-plus WiFi enabled devices. The Wave also uses smart algorithms to allow users to schedule the exact time they would like to eat, this‘set it and forget it’ functionality is a first in the industry.

Nise Wave doesn’t forget the busy people who love gourmet food but don’t have the time or expertise to make it. Now they can duplicate restaurant taste with an automatic process that prepares the perfect meal at home (even while they’re at work, or working-out). Hundreds of recipes are pre-programmed into the app. Each recipe comes with simple prep instructions for the user, as well as cooking instructions for the Wave.

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Nise Wave’s WiFi enabled, fully automated process is controlled by a mobile app from anywhere. Using the patented adaptive temperature system, Nise Wave schedules when food is ready to eat by intermittently raising and lowering temperatures throughout key cooking cyclesso if rush hour traffic slows a user down, they can postpone the final phase, and arrive home to a perfectly cooked meal.

For sous vide enthusiasts Nise Wave represents a no compromises solution, with 1200W of power, and IP67 water resistance, all in a sleek and compact form factor.

It’s also great for environmentally conscious consumers because Nise Wave uses only 20% of the power of a traditional electric stove.

Nise Wave will be shipping pre-packaged, ready to cook meal packs – creating an automated, ingredient to plate experience. These scan-able packs pre-program the Nise Wave and take the
prep time out of cooking.

To learn more about how The Nise Wave Smart Sous Vide can make cooking easier and food better tasting, and for limited time early-bird specials, visit Nise Wave’s Kickstarter page.

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