Bryston BUC-1 USB Converter

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Bryston BUC-1

Bryston has just announced the imminent release of their all-new BUC-1 USB Converter.  The BUC-1 is designed to provide high resolution, ultra low jitter digital-to-analog conversion from your computer (laptop, desktop, notebook etc.) to your audio playback system.

The new BUC-1 can handle conversion of up to native 24-bit / 192 kHz music data files. The BUC-1 USB Converter takes master control of timing, slaving the computer and audio device clocks.  The BUC-1 uses asynchronous low phase noise clocks as the master audio clock providing extraordinarily low jitter output. Digital outputs include AES/EBU, BNC and Coaxial. High quality output transformers isolate the output signal from any computer noise.

Most USB devices use the USB bus connection in the computer for power, which is sub-par in output and quality – contaminated by noise from the computer and any connected peripherals.  The Bryston BUC-1 employs a proprietary high quality ultralow noise linear power supply to ensure clean and ample power, independent from that of the connected computer.

A combination of power supply filtering and an newly released power down regulator ensure clean, consistent power.  

Key Features:
• USB Input (resolution capable of 192/24 bit)
• AES EBU Balanced 110 Ohm Output
• COAX S/PDIF Output
• BNC 75 Ohm S/PDIF Output
• Outputs Transformer Coupled
• Input Sample Rate Indicators
• Power on/off switch
• Trigger input (low voltage)
• Matching Bryston Cosmetics
• Dimensions: (L.W.H.) 8 inches x 5.5/8 inches x 2.25 inches

Expected release is in July 2013 at a estimated MSRP of under $700.  Look for more details at:

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