CANADA HiFi 2015 Holiday Gift Guide – $500 and Up Gift Ideas!

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Gifts Under $2,000

Cambridge_CXN_black w

Cambridge Audio CXN Upsampling Network Player, $1,399
A great network player is an absolute must-have in a modern music system.  This CXN player will stream music through a wired/wireless connection from just about anywhere: your home network, smartphone/tablet, laptop and various online services.  Enhancing your favourite songs it will upsample all incoming signals to 24-bit/384kHz hi-res quality.  Rounding out its features is a gorgeous 4.3” colour display and free app for your Apple/Android devices that makes control seamless.

MartinLogan Crescendo X w

MartinLogan Crescendo X Wireless Speaker System, $1,299
The Crescendo X is proof that not all wireless speakers are created equally – give it one listen and you’ll find out exactly why.  Equipped with Bluetooth, AirPlay and DTS Play-Fi it’ll allow you to stream music wirelessly from just about any device.  Behind its pretty face, this speaker features a 24-bit 48kHz DSP, a 100-watt amp, dual Folded Motion tweeters and a 5×7-inch mid/bass woofer – offering great accuracy, resolution, detail and extended bass response.

VIZIO M65_Front with Apps w

VIZIO M-Series 60-inch 4K TV (Model M60-C3), $1,689
A 60-inch 4K TV under $2,000?  That’s right, and don’t let the affordable price tag fool you – this set offers a high quality UHD picture and an intuitive smart TV experience, wrapped up in an attractive design.  This M-Series TV features 32 active LED zones that intelligently adapt to on-screen content, resulting in a staggering contrast ratio of up to 20 Million-to-1.  A backlight grid behind each LED zone illuminates and dims proactively – and thanks to this – you get beautiful picture detail, depth and colour.  Check out Mike Osadciw’s review of this TV on page 38, in this very issue.

KEF LS50 w

KEF LS50 Bookshelf Speakers, $1,649
KEF developed and introduced the LS50 bookshelf loudspeaker to celebrate their 50th anniversary, following in the footsteps of the legendary LS3/5a studio monitor.  Since 2012, it has been a top seller and now for 2015 comes for the first time in an array of colours – including red.  Pair the LS50 with a high-quality amplifier of 70 watts or more and be musically rewarded.  Surely a very memorable token of affection.

Anthem MRX 510 w

Anthem MRX 510 AV Receiver, $1,950
The MRX 510 earned the CANADA HiFi Editors’ Choice award back in 2014 and appeared on our holiday gift list last year.  We love its sound and performance so much, we decided to feature it again this year – yes, it’s that good.  The on-board Anthem Room Correction (ARC 1M) ensures the best sound even in less-than-perfect rooms, while its superb amp delivers true high-fidelity audio.  This is one gift that the whole family will love!

SVS SB13-Ultra w

SVS SB13-Ultra Powered Subwoofer, $1,999
SVS is synonymous with high-performance subwoofers and the SB13-Ultra is the company’s most popular Ultra subwoofer.  It has a relatively compact 17” cube size and is a sealed design for easy placement.  Designed to deliver massive amounts of dynamic tuneful bass, while preserving musicality, the SB13-Ultra should fit into many home theatres and music systems.  Great gift for the whole family (and yourself!)

Gifts Around $2,500

VPI Scout turntable web

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