Cary Audio’s new Cinema 12 Pre-Pro

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Cary Audio is just releasing their new Cinema 12 preamplifier-processor (pre-pro), which is the successor to their well received Cinema 11a processor.

The Cinema 12 pre-pro builds on the Cinema 11a feature list, while increasing performance as well as flexibility. Available with a black or silver brushed aluminum faceplate, the new pre-pro has four HDMI v1.4a inputs, together with a full suite of audio connections. A RS-232 connection, IR command codes and a 12VDC trigger for on/off switching are in the feature set. The Cinema 12 offers Burr Brown 32 bit/192 kHz surround DAC chipsets. All circuitry in the processor is fully differential-balanced to take advantage of the improved noise reduction and increased processing power. The Cinema 12 includes a new full-function, programmable universal remote control with extensive macro capabilities.

The Cary Audio Cinema 12 will ship this April, 2011 at a MSRP of $4,995 U.S.

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