Klipsch Icon Series Speakers

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Klipsch has just announced the launch of its new Klipsch Icon series, a line which is comprised of five all-new speaker models and infused with the latest in audio technology.

Serving as the replacement for the Icon V series, the Klipsch Icon series boasts an even higher caliber of sound quality thanks to re-engineered drivers and a new crossover system. Complete with signature Tractrix Horn technology, each speaker effortlessly produces clear sound coupled with unrivalled precision and power, for this series. Available in a premier black ash woodgrain vinyl veneer, these sleek speakers put a modern spin on any home décor.

The noteworthy upgrades continue with a striking new finish, new logos and feet. IMG woofers with light, yet sturdy diaphragms match massive motor structures for a highly defined, accurate bass response, helping to simulate a live musical performance or deep, explosive scenes in a movie.

The five new models include two floorstanding towers (KF-28 and KF-26), one bookshelf model (KB-15), one center channel (KC-25), and one surround sound speaker (KS-14). For the ultimate listening experience, the Klipsch Icon KS-14 features exclusive Wide Dispersion Surround Technology (WDST), which grants users maximum surround coverage and improved placement flexibility. Matching SW-350 and SW-450 subwoofers are also available for enhanced bass response.

The Klipsch Icon speakers now cover U.S. MSRP price points ranging from $699 to $899 for a pair of floorstanding speakers, $249 for a pair of bookshelf models, $249 for a center channel and $279 for a pair of surrounds. The SW-350 and SW- 450 retail for $350 and $450 and are currently available in stores for purchase.

For more information, visit klipsch.com.

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