Panasonic 2013 LED and Plasma TVs in Canada

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Panasoni ZT60

Panasonic has just released the pricing and availability of its LED and Plasma TVs, previously announced at the CES 2013 in Las Vega, for the Canadian market.  To learn about the features and technical specifications that each of these new TV series offers, please read our earlier post about Panasonic Plasma TVs here and our post about Panasonic LED TVs here.

Canadian pricing and availability of the LED TVs will be as follows:

TC-L55WT60 $2,999.99 May/June
TC-L47WT60 $2,499.99 May
TC-L60DT60 $2,799.99 April
TC-L55DT60 $2,299.99 April
TC-L55ET60 $1,999.99 March
TC-L50ET60 $1,699.99 March
TC-L47ET60 $1,299.99 March
TC-L42ET60 $1,099.99 March
TC-L65E60 $2,999.99 May
TC-L58E60 $1,799.99 April
TC-L50E60 $1,499.99 March
TC-L42E60 $899.99 April
TC-L42EW60 $899.99 June
TC-L50EM60 $1,199.99 April
TC-L39EM60 $699.99 April
TC-L32XM6 $469.99 March
TC-L50B6 $999.99 March
TC-L39B6 $599.99 April
TC-L32B6 $399.99 March

Canadian pricing and availability of the Plasma TVs will be as follows:

TC-P65ZT60 $4,999.99 May/June
TC-P60ZT60 $4,299.99 May
TC-P65VT60 $4,199.99 May
TC-P60VT60 $3,499.99 May
TC-P55VT60 $2,799.99 May
TC-P65ST60 $2,699.99 April
TC-P60ST60 $1,999.99 April
TC-P55ST60 $1,699.99 March
TC-P50ST60 $1,399.99 April
TC-P65S60 $1,999.99 April
TC-P60S60 $1,499.99 April
TC-P55S60 $1,199.99 March
TC-P50S60 $949.99 March
TC-P42S60 $829.99 March
TC-P50X60 $749.99 March
TC-P42X60 $599.99 March

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