PSB Speakers Alpha S10 and Alpha S8 Subwoofers

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PSB Speakers has just announced two new additions to its Alpha Series: the Alpha S10 ($749 CAD) and the Alpha S8 ($599) powered subwoofers.

The S8 and S10 subwoofers exhibit characteristics which are usually left unaddressed at such modest price points. In general, most subwoofers in this category are expected to merely produce noticeable sound pressure levels in the portion of the listening register most frequented by Home Theatre special effects. Detail, finesse and musicality are sacrificed for the sake of dinosaurs stomping their feet or explosions.

Alpha subwoofers are held to much more stringent goals. The S8 and S10 are capable of performing the most demanding musical passages with an incredible degree of refinement. This level of performance comes from a keen understanding of the true purpose of a subwoofer. A subwoofer exists to supplement the other speakers in the audio system seamlessly and without audibly drawing attention to itself. Without good integration of speaker and subwoofer, a uniform and transparent performance cannot be achieved. Through painstaking attention to the design of the crossover filters and tuning, the Alpha S8 and S10 deliver a virtually imperceptive transition between subwoofer and speaker.

Another key design goal was to eliminate one of the biggest culprits of any subwoofer. Port noise not only muddies the overall sonic performance but gives away the position of the subwoofer in the listening space. The S8 and S10 incorporate a rear slot port design specifically created to eliminate any audible port noise or chuffing. In brief, these new subwoofers play their part with accuracy and efficiency while remaining invisible to the ear.

The Alpha S10 and Alpha S8 are equipped with a new 150 watt RMS amplifier which is able to deliver 210W of dynamic power for unconstrained deep-bass peaks and musical accuracy. This robust new powerplant is perfectly paired with specialized long-throw drivers and efficient, bass-extending bass reflex enclosures designed to maximize all aspects of performance to deliver the flattest frequency response and powerful bass extension.

All of aspects of the design, tuning, and choice of components combine to deliver the best low frequency performance of any subwoofer remotely in its price range.

Key Features of the new PSB Alpha Sub Models:

• Bass reflex design with rear port
• 150 Watt digital amplifier
• Compact cabinet volumes with high output
• Woofers feature polypropylene cones and rubber surrounds
• Design and final voicing engineered by Paul Barton

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