Press Release: New Sharp Products Pack Entire Dolby Atmos® System Into Single Soundbar

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Sharp HT-SBW460 | Sharp

New Products: Sharp HT-SBW800 and HT-SBW460

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Dolby Atmos® is changing the world of cinema with the introduction of height to the movie’s audio. Now, thanks to Sharp’s two new soundbars, it’s possible to bring home this 3D cinematic experience but without the additional speakers or expense of a traditional home cinema set up.

The 5.1.2 channel HT-SBW800, has a centre speaker, as well as 2 side-firing and 2 up-firing speakers for the full Atmos effect, bouncing sound off the walls and ceiling of the room. This means total sound immersion helping to place each sound accurately around the listener for an incredible movie experience. 

Built around Sharp’s Dolby Atmos® engine, the HT-SBW800 and HT-SBW460 are capable of creating a 360-degree surround system, transporting movie buffs and home cinema enthusiasts to the heart of the action.

Sharp HT-SBW800 | Sharp

Slightly less powerful but equally impressive is the HT-SBW460. Capable of adding height and creating a 3D sound scape from a small, 3.1 channel soundbar with no up-firing drivers, it is testament to Sharp’s impressive acoustic capabilities. 

Well-connected and easy to use, both soundbars have 2 x HDMI inputs + 1 x HDMI output, these have 4K pass-through in addition to ARC CEC functions. Bluetooth 4.2, digital optical, aux, coax and USB ensure hassle-free playback from any device. With 570W and 440W max power output respectively, including a powerful wireless subwoofer, as well as a centre speaker channel dedicated to clear-voice reproduction, the new soundbars from Sharp bring all of the magic of cinema into the comfort of the home at an affordable price.

The HT-SBW800 is available to buy here at RRP £449, and the HT-SBW460 is available here at RRP £299. 

Sharp HT-SBW800 | Sharp

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