RIVA Audio CENTRAL Wireless Amplifier System

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RIVA Audio CENTRAL Wireless Amplifier System 01 (Custom)

RIVA Audio has just announced the introduction of the RIVA CENTRAL, a wireless amplifier system that gives music listeners the ability to connect existing audio devices into RIVA WAND’s Multi-Room “+” ecosystem. With more inputs than comparable devices, CENTRAL can connect your favorite devices like a turntable, USB memory stick, pair of bookshelf/in-wall speakers, or an external amplifier/receiver. The CENTRAL device offers analog and optical digital inputs and outputs, USB input, and an optional 55Wrms/channel into 4 ohms class-D amplifier. Users can also power on external amplifiers with the included 12V trigger and utilize the line level variable subwoofer output for a true 2.1 system.

RIVA Audio’s RIVA WAND Series is a customizable and easy-to-use multi-room “+” wireless audio system that combines the freedom to deliver high-fidelity audio to every room or outdoor location with the flexibility to play from any networked or local source. RIVA’s WAND Series features the compact ARENA and full-range tabletop FESTIVAL speakers. Users can enjoy their favorite music from a multitude of connectivity options including WI-FI, Bluetooth, AirPlay and DLNA and can stream seemingly unlimited audio content from Spotify Connect and others. Now, RIVA CENTRAL adds even more to that flexibility, allowing users to truly listen to whatever they want, wherever they want, whenever they want on any and all devices. Listen how you want by personalizing your audio streaming experience with the RIVA WAND app, including DSP adjustments for bass and treble.

RIVA CENTRAL will be shipping in Spring 2018 for $399 US.

RIVA Audio CENTRAL Wireless Amplifier System 02 (Custom)

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