Logics Academy Intros the Neuron Inventor Kit

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Logics Academy Neuron Inventor Kit NOVO magazine 01

The Neuron Inventor Kit from Logics Academy, compatible with the Makeblock platform and LEGO blocks, allows budding inventors to turn their ideas into real, working gadgets with lights, sounds and sensors.  Crafting inventions is super easy: simply snap the building blocks together (they connect with magnetic Pogo Pins) and make creative gadgets without needing to write any code.  The graphical programming interface in the Neuron app enables beginners to easily create Neuron applications and add basic or advanced functionality (e.g. IoT) into their inventions.  The Neuron app comes with Invention Guides and video tutorials to show you how to get started building with the Inventor Kit. Follow, then lead with your own creative ideas!  Jump to logicsacademy.com for more info.

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