Sennheiser MOMENTUM Black Headphones

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Sennheiser MOMENTUM Black

Sennheiser has reimagined its popular MOMENTUM headphone with the launch of the new MOMENTUM Black model. Featuring a sleek look, the MOMENTUM Black combines pure design and uncompromising performance with the signature blacks of this season’s fashion collections.

Minimal black designs are dominating the latest collections from the leading fashion houses. The look of right now is dark and sophisticated; with elegant silhouettes that emphasize purity and subtly accentuate textures and fine materials. This is the world of the MOMENTUM Black, which marries an elegant headband slider of premium stainless steel with earpads and a headband worked from soft and supple leather of the finest quality. A pure design, reimagined with black leather and coolly contrasting subtle red stitching that’s very much of the moment.  Beneath its stylish exterior, the MOMENTUM Black headphones refuse to compromise on sound quality. Sennheiser has taken technologies from its high-end headphone range to ensure a clear sound with excellent detail.

People love them for how they look and also for how they feel: high-quality, predominantly natural materials; ensure these headphones offer the ultimate in comfort for hours of listening.  Other smart touches include the circumaural ear cups that insulate the listener from noisy urban environments, and an optional cable with a smart remote and microphone for taking and receiving calls and controlling the music on Apple devices. The MOMENTUM from Sennheiser is the perfect companion around town.

The regular MOMENTUM edition of this headphone was recently featured in the Best Headphones/Earphones Guide on Guydster –

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