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Wilson Audiophile Recordings

Wilson Audiophile Recordings has just announced the re-release of Dave Wilson’s recordings, for the first time as high resolution downloads. 

Dave Wilson, of Wilson Audio fame, created a series of music recordings, which caught the attention and approval of the audiophile community for their realism and musical integrity.  With custom-built recording equipment and microphones used in carefully chosen positions, Dave Wilson attempted to capture the soundstage, dynamics, and harmonic richness of chamber, organ, big band, and jazz performances.

Between the years 1977 to 1995, Wilson release 33 recordings – first in vinyl and then later on the Compact Disc format.  These original recordings have been praised and sought by collectors and audiophiles alike.  Wilson Audiophile recordings has now remastered these original recording in high-resolution and is re-releasing them, with distribution provided by Naxos to all major digital service providers.

The Dave Wilson recordings will be available for download beginning August 1, 2013.  Look for more details and information on these recordings at: www.wilsonaudio.com. (look for the Wilson Audiophile tab).

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