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Totem - new website
Totem Acoustic has just launched a new website that includes the latest information of their latest product line-up. Sad to note that the Model-1 is no longer a model within their line-up. Please read Totem’s communication below:

A Note From Totem:

    “Since our inception in 1987, we’ve constantly strived to create the most absolutely musical loudspeaker systems anywhere. With our new web site, we wish to celebrate and fulfill our commitment to giving you a truly full-range, sensorial and compelling listening experience.

    Beyond the alchemy of superlative components, revolutionary drivers, innovative applications and build quality, there is a deeper, more instinctive knowledge of musical truths at Totem. We believe that speakers should withstand the test of time and deliver optimum, totally fulfilling performance for decades to come. That’s how we wish to connect the inherent reality of music…with the timeless performance and lifespan of our product.

    When words fail, music speaks and we follow.

    From all of us at Totem…Listen and Believe”

You will find Totem Acoustics’s new website here:

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