Acoustics First Art Diffusor Model D

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Art Diffusor 1
Acoustics First has been in the acoustics product business since the 1970’s but just now on November 10th, 2015, were granted a patent for their new Art Diffusor Model D product.

The Art Diffusor is a patented, two dimensional, binary array sound diffuser. Using unique angled end caps to further control specular reflections above 4kHz the Art Diffusor has a broad range impact. The diffusor reduces the directional intensity of sound through scattering, which in turn prevents comb filtering and standing waves while maintaining the live intensity of the sound. Diffusion in a room will generate the effect of being in a larger, more open and airy space with increase sound clarity.

Art Diffusor 2
The new Art Diffusor Model D is an organic quadratic diffuser that improves sound clarity and ambience while increasing the overall perceived space of the room. The range of the Art Diffusor has higher than typical range of effect, using a unique organic curvature to further control specular reflections above 4 kHz.

The Art Diffusor Model D is an acoustic diffuser whose undulating, rippled surface diffuses sound energy by redistributing the focused energy (called specular reflections) over a wide area of space, and by modulating the time and direction in which that energy travels. The rippling surface masks the complex mathematics that went into the design and optimization of the model D – which was completely designed and visualized virtually, inside of a computer.

Size: 23-5/8 x 23-5/8” Depth: 4.1”
Weight: 4 pounds
Mount: Direct mount (wall or ceiling) or Drop into T-Bar grid
Material: Class A Thermoplastic (White)
Bandwidth: 599 Hz to 16+ kHz (Ext. Phase)

The new patented Acoustics First Art Diffuser Model D is now available in 2′ x 2′ (4.1″ deep) unit sizes with a list price for the White finish of: $150.00 U.S./unit or $600.00 U.S./4-unit box. Look for more details at:

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