Axiom Audio High Power Computer Speakers

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Axiom Audio High Power Computer Speakers (Custom)

Axiom’s latest product – High Power Computer Speakers- is out of the lab and ready for production. Based on the company’s popular bookshelf speakers, these full-range 75-watts-per-channel speakers are bigger, badder and more powerful than almost any computer speaker on the market today. This new series consists of three models – the M1 v4, M2 v4 and M3 v4.

If you’re used to common computer speakers (or the speakers in your monitor), prepare to be blown away! These speakers have up to 1400% more output. That means you’ll hear music and movies louder, cleaner and with more dynamics than ever before. Gamer? You won’t believe all the high-definition sounds you’ve been missing.

If you have a standard laptop or desktop computer, chances are you have a generic sound card that’s seated next to the power supply and other noisy electrical elements. These components can transmit sound that creates low-level distortion in your speakers. The Axiom High Power Computer Speakers feature a fully integrated DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) which connects to your speakers via USB. The result is pure, clean, distortion-free sound that you can turn up…and up…and up.

Prefer to run music from your Pono Player or smartphone? No problem – the control panel on the master speaker also features a 3.5mm mini stereo jack, so you can connect quickly and easily.

Take advantage of Axiom’s pre-order special!

Order today and you not only get the very first production run, you save 30%! Pre-orders end March 31st; speakers begin shipping in May. Click here for complete details and to place your pre-order.

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