Baetis Audio Revolution III Server

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Baetis Audio

Baetis Audio has announced their new Revolution III server that uses a modified PCB from their Reference’s design.  The new board forgoes a USB / PCI bus to provide a more perfect digital wave form, including a significant gain in the voltage (amplitude) of the SPDIF signal as well as a decrease in rise time.  The Revolution III, when used with a revealing DAC will demonstrate a clear improvement in accuracy, musicality and sound stage compared to its predecessor, the Reference.

Baetis servers use JRiver Media Center for the highest performance.  The Baetis Revolution III server can rip and play CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs as well as any audio file format, including professionally ripped SACDs, downloaded PCM and DSD files in 2-channels or multi-channel, at any sampling rate or bit depth.

For the audiophile who likes to watch and listen to multi-channel concerts or movies, the Baetis also produces video – possessing two separate HDMI outputs.

Key Features:

◦Special low wattage Intel Core i3 latest Generation CPU to reduce heat and produce the best audio quality along with exceptional video quality.
◦Special 5th generation H97 motherboard with a high (108db) signal/noise ratio.
◦120G internal solid-state drive for fast software execution and perfect ripping of Blu-ray files.
◦Best-rated digital noise filter for the internal SSD.
◦Highly rated Blu-Ray optical drive for ripping CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, and more.
◦All media storage drives are external, via 8 USB ports (4 USB3.0 ports in rear; 2 near the front), along with unlimited NAS. The Revolution comes with one 1T USB3.0 external drive to get the audiophile started. External storage minimizes EMI/RFI, provides for easier replacement, and significantly lowers mechanical noise. Remember, all drives will fail eventually; you do NOT want to store media inside the server – only via external drives or NAS.
◦The industry’s only galvanically-isolated and dedicated BNC-SPDIF output directly off the MB, without using a sound card that generates and absorbs EMI. We can show that SPDIF done right beats USB done right, but you need to audition this yourself. The BNC connection is fully gold-plated including the neutral.
◦On the way to the BNC connector, the Revolution III passes the SPDIF signal through our proprietary circuit board to improve the digital signal, just as in our newest XR3 and Reference 2 servers.
◦The system is as quiet as most fan-less servers as measured by a digital sound meter. See our white paper on the subject if you find this too hard to believe.
◦Specially selected fast RAM (8G) for greater video buffering and best audio.
◦Standard Power Supply Unit (PSU) is external to minimize EMI. This PSU has the lowest measured ripple/noise of any switch-mode PSU (10mV Peak-to-Peak). Its high DC amperage is necessary for tasks such as Blu-ray ripping and playing.
◦Pre-installed and specially configured JRiver Media Center software –the industry’s finest. We configure JRiver for your specific system, including your DAC or pre/pro, and for volume control either within the digital media software domain or via your pre-amp or pre-pro. Often we deal with a high-end 2-channel DAC within a high-end multi-channel system.
◦Optional installation of the very best CD ripping software — dBPoweramp.
◦The very best operating manuals for JRiver; use of Android or iOS tablets for remote control; going “headless”; using dBPoweramp; using MakeMKV software for Blu-Ray ripping; and library management within JRiver. Manuals available only to our customers.
◦2-years hardware warranty.
◦Four (4) hours of telephone support including remote desktop control software (usually both phone and desktop control together), for JRiver and other audiophile software. This usually occurs in 2 or 3 remote desktop sessions and is enough for all but the most “computer illiterate” among us. If more time is needed, we offer additional service by the hour or the year.
◦NOTE: The user must purchase his/her own monitor (not necessary in a home theater). The larger the monitor the easier it is to learn how to control this wonderful software package. Also a wireless keyboard and mouse is needed.
◦The user MUST purchase a specific brand and model of pure-sine-wave uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in order to properly control voltage going to our best in class AC/DC power supply. Our warranty is void without this important power supply (cost is approximately $120, or we can drop ship it to you for this price).
◦Size is approximately 9.5” wide by 9.5” deep by 4” high, and weight is approximately 13 lbs. without external UPS, external PSU , or external drives. In high-end audio, “small” can be quite powerful.

The new Baetis Audio Revolution III is available in both silver or black at a MSRP of $4495 U.S.  Look for more details at:

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