Furutech FI-15 Plus Series IEC and AC Connectors

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Furutech F15 Connectors
Furutech is commemorating their 25th anniversary in part with the launch of an updated version of their original and very first power connectors – the FI-15E series.  The updated series is named the FI-15 Plus series and uses a new plating technique to provide improved sonics as well a more durable finish than its predecessor.  The updated design also has a body that allows for a firmer grip and better resonance control.  The new FI-15 Plus is offered in two high quality plated types – gold and rhodium.

There are four model in total within the new FI15 Plus series – they include two IEC connectors – the FI-15(R)Plus and FI-15(G)Plus and two AC connectors called the FI-15M(R)Plus and FI-15M(G)Plus.  The R and G are indicative of the plating used, with R reprenting rhodium and G representing gold plating.  The plating is done on pure-copper conductors.

All FI-15 Plus connectors have nylon/fiberglass main bodies and inner-cover plates, as well polycarbonate cable-damping clamps with stainless-steel screws.  The connectors are able to accommodate wire guage with diameters ranging from 6.6mm to 15mm.

The FI-15 Plus series models are currently available at a MSRP of $59 U.S. / R-connector (either IEC or AC) and $52 U.S. for the G-connectors.  Look for more details on these products at: www.furutech.com

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