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HARMAN International Industries just announced their new Harman Kardon home theater products.  The BDS series features two integrated home entertainment systems, the Harman Kardon BDS 400 and Harman Kardon BDS 800.

Both all-in-one systems feature powerful receivers with integrated Blu-ray Disc players and FM tuners

The BDS 400 features:

  • a BDS 2 SO integrated receiver;
  • two front speakers and a subwoofer;
  • Dolby® Virtual Speaker technology to simulate the surround-sound experience of movies and music.

 The BDS 800 features:

  • a BDS 5 SO integrated receiver;
  • four voice-matched satellites, a center-channel speaker, a subwoofer.

Pricing is as follows:

BDS 400 2.1-channel integrated home entertainment system: $999 U.S.

 BDS 800 5.1-channel integrated home entertainment system: $1499 U.S.

  BDS 2 SO Integrated Receiver (a-la-carte): $699 U.S.

 BDS 5 SO Integrated Receiver (a-la-carte): $799 U.S.

 More details to be found at: http://www.harmankardon.com.

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