Kaleidescape’s New M700 Disc Vault

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Kaleidescape, Inc., just announced that its new M700 Disc Vault is now available. The M700 is designed to simplify and speed up adding disc based movies and music to a Kaleidescape system. With the M700 Disc Vault up to 320 disks can docked in the integrated carousel, where their content can be copied to a Kaleidescape system. Users can take the back seat as the system is fully automated. The source disk, CD / DVD can be removed once save to the Kaleidescape system; however, Blu-ray Discs, must stay put in the carousel, given their added copy protection requirements. The main objective of the M700 is to facilitate quick and easy expansion of the users movie and music inventory.

A front panel display indicates import progress, number of discs stored, and number of available slots. Buttons provide ability to eject all Blu-ray Discs, all DVDs, all CDs or all discs. The M700 Disc Vault also makes it easy to find a disc when you need it: simply locate the title in the onscreen display and select Eject Disc. The integrated Kaleidescape M-Class Player is designed as a high-performance playback system for movies stored on a Kaleidescape movie server.

With the M700, Kaleidescape can quickly load a customers’ Blu-ray Discs and DVDs onsite, or preload a Kaleidescape Movie Collection in their facility and ship the completed rack, essentially plug and play.

The M700 comes with a two-year limited warranty, which is extendable to five years.

The M700 Disc Vault is available immediately at a MSRP of $5,995 in Canada and the U.S. Paired with a 1U Server, the M700 Disc Vault comprises a complete Blu-ray movie server at $15,990.

For more information see: www.kaleidescape.com

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