Magnum Dynalab Introduces New Internet Radio Tuners

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Canadian manufacturer Magnum Dynalab, known for producing what are perhaps the highest performance FM radio tuners in the world, is embracing the digital age with the introduction of four new Internet radio tuners.  With the growing number of Internet radio stations – there are some 20,000 today – and constantly improving streaming/quality options, the timing should be just right.  The new line-up consists of the MD 801, MD 806T, MD 807T and MD 809T models.

Each of the new tuners allows access to Internet radio stations and podcasts (via on board WiFi antenna or LAN), FM radio station and DAB/DAB+ (optional, where available).  Each new model will also play music from a local computer network, USB sticks and external hard drives in a variety of formats (including AACs, Real, MP3s, FLAC and WMA).  The MD 801, MD 806T, MD 807T come with a 3.5-inch, colour touchscreen display while the MD 809T is equipped with a large 5.7-inch display.  The displays show easy-to-read information on current track’s metadata, genre, bit rate, codec and sampling rate. Personal audio collections (attached via local network or USB flash stick/hard drive) are easy to navigate via artist name, album name or genre.

As you move up the line from the MD 801 to the MD 809T, each model offers significant audio path upgrades.  The MD 809T features a full-triode design and comes loaded with world leading components.

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