Neurio Gives You Smart Home Monitoring With Just One Sensor

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Canadian company Neurio, based in Vancouver, BC, has just announced an innovative, easy-to-use and money-saving smart home technology, that can, in minutes, make any ordinary home “smart.” Neurio is an intelligent, open platform that with just a single sensor brings smart home capabilities to the entire home, with future versions providing intelligence for all existing appliances. As the brain of the home, Neurio connects both older appliances and newer smart devices to allow users to easily track, monitor and better understand how their home is operating, such as letting the user know when their kids come home, or if they forgot to turn something off before leaving for the day. Neurio makes it simple, affordable and practical to bring smart home technology, and its benefits, to the masses.Neurio_Sensor (Custom)

Successfully funded via a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign, Neurio is now shipping to backers and is currently available for pre-order at The Neurio Sensor costs $249 and users have the potential to save money quickly by recognizing energy use patterns and habits. The Neurio platform, which features a single sensor attached to a home’s circuit box, allows for home intelligence and monitoring right out of the box.Neurio_app (Custom)

Via the free Neurio iOS and Android apps, users are able to easily track power usage in real-time, to understand when and where energy is being used in the house, and ultimately save money by identifying where their energy dollars are being spent. Neurio’s next major software update will be able to detect individual appliances to understand whether they are on or off. Other noteworthy future upgrades include sending users alerts to let them know things like when their laundry is done, if their hot water heater is acting abnormally, if their refrigerator stops working, or when the gaming console in a child’s room is turned on, and more.

Neurio is an Open Platform that Works with Other Smart Home Products

Neurio is designed as an open platform to work hand-in-hand with other smart home products. Neurio makes other smart devices even smarter by providing real-time data and analysis about the home. Through Neurio’s open API and integrations with 3rd party applications such as IFTTT and Spark, Neurio is encouraging developers, makers and hackers to create their own experiences with Neurio, ultimately providing consumers with an incredibly robust and beneficial platform.

Neurio Makes it Easy and Affordable to Connect the Entire House

Neurio is the only smart home product on the market that is able to connect to both “smart” and “non-smart/non-connected” appliances. With over 99% of all appliances in North American homes not currently connected to WiFi there has been no way to accurately monitor their behavior and measure their energy usage to give homeowners valuable and actionable insights regarding their home – until now. Neurio allows users to monitor individual appliances to care for their home and family, and gauge their energy use.

Once the Neurio Sensor is installed on an electrical panel, it sends the data via WiFi to the cloud where the smart algorithms identify the unique power pattern by each device in real-time to tell whether a specific appliance is in use or off, and how much energy it consumes. Unlike other smart home systems, Neurio does NOT require that each appliance in the house be connected to a sensor. With Neurio, everything is monitored directly through the home’s circuit box.

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