Technology Innovators Meetup Powered by TAVES – Thursday, April 9th!

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Are you curious about new technology? If you enjoyed the cutting edge tech displayed at the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show this year – like Oculus Rift, Google Glass, 3D Printing, Muse and Tesla – than you’re going to love the Technology Innovators Meetup Powered by TAVES. This monthly Meetup is your opportunity to connect with technology enthusiasts and experience first-hand some of the latest tech innovations (some that are not even available in stores yet). Everyone is welcome!

At this month’s Meetup you’ll be able to discover Voovo (Uber-like platform for 3D printing), Purator (Purify your water the same way mother nature does it), Pinc VR (Turn your smartphone into a VR headset), PlexiDrone (Ultra portable camera drone you can carry in your backpack), Universal Mediation Program (Mediation software platform), OKIDOKEYS (Attach to any lock to make it smartphone controlled), VK200 KEYFOB (Laser virtual keyboard for you to type on any surface), the Oculus Rift DK2 (Virtual reality goggles) and more to be announced before the show!

The videos on this page show just a couple of the products that we’ll be showing at this Meetup…

Event details:
Thursday, April 9th, starts at 6:30pm – 10pm
Project: OWL
20 Camden Street – 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON

To learn more details and RSVP, please go to our Meetup group page: Technology Innovators Meetup Powered by TAVES


Plexidrone (Custom)

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