The Vario’s MRT Vincent & Lola Speakers

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The Varios MRT Vincent & Lola Speakers - most unusual look speakers

Here’s a speaker that will surely put a smile on your face, any time of day! These most unusual speakers are produced by Italian manufacturer The Vario’s and look like sculptures you would expect to find at an art gallery… or a comic book shop.  Designed to be placed on a stand, these speakers offer a highly rigid cabinet and extremely high acoustic damping.  The “Tito” is an Acuflex soft dome tweeter, housed in a separate enclosure, that offers high power handling (120W nominal / 1000W x 10ms) and features a mobile coil with large dimensions, made out of Hexatech aluminium.  A Neodymium magnet, ferro fluid cooled completes the tweeter.  The 5″ woofer is made out of die-cast aluminium and offers a nominal power of 150W / 1000W x 10ms.  It features a Neodymium/Ferrite magnet system and a large Hexatech aluminum voice coil. The cone is made out of a composite material.  Topping things off, the Vario’s speakers utilize a bass reflex tube with an exclusive geometric pattern.  Check out the Vario’s website to see all of the company’s funky designs at

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