Tomorrow – the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show Begins – Buy Your Ticket Online and Save!

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Canada’s hottest consumer electronics show will open its doors tomorrow!  The show runs from Friday, Oct. 30 to Sunday, Nov.1.  This year’s TAVES Consumer Electronics Show is set to feature the largest number of exhibitors and most exciting show features to date. This news blog contains a special code below which will allow you to register for a discounted show ticket. From a staggering number of home & portable hifi demonstrations to the vast number of technology & innovation displays, this year’s show is guaranteed to please just about anyone. For the first time, TAVES will also feature numerous exhibits, robotics workshops and coder education designed for kids – so bring the whole family!

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Read Our 2015 Show Preview Below

Get ready to have fun! The TAVES Consumer Electronics Show is Canada’s ultimate technology showcase, enabling consumers unprecedented access to cutting edge consumer electronics products, prototypes, gadgets and toys. This world-class exposition features nearly 100 companies from around the globe and showcase cutting edge technology and innovation spanning a broad range of categories. Exhibits highlight the latest in robotics, wearables, smart devices, video gaming hardware & software, home & personal HiFi, home theatre, 3D printing, digital imaging products, as well as electronic gadgets. In addition to all these categories, an “Outdoor Electronics Playground” offers show goers a sneak peak at the newest electric vehicles, automotive & charging technology, e-bikes, drones and remote control toys. Rounding out the show features are exhibits catered to teens and kids, robotics workshops and coder education for kids, technology seminars, a video gaming discussion panel, a Halloween-theme cosplay element, and even a tech-inspired art gallery.

During the three day event, we invite you to experience first-hand some of the greatest technology and innovations in consumer electronics. One of the key show highlights is the “Technology & Innovation” pavilion, containing robotics, wearables, smart devices, 3D printing and various gadget displays. Inside, you’ll be able to feast your eyes on robots and robotics kits from companies such as Logics Academy, Canada Robotix and several FIRST Robotics Canada teams. If you’re fascinated by 3D printing and green technology, be sure to check out a company called Makerwiz and their Filabot – a device we like to think of as the “future of the recycling bin.” A prominent area also inside this pavilion focuses on video gaming and virtual / augmented reality demonstrations. Canada’s own Sulon Technologies is demonstrating its mind-blowing Cortex virtual-reality headset – you have to see this device to believe it! The long-awaited Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is also displayed by multiple exhibitors, along with the latest software and games developed for the device. A few other devices in this pavilion promise to make your show visit unforgettable! Completing this area are several local video gaming companies allowing attendees to try out their latest games. On Saturday afternoon, TAVES will host a discussion panel between some of the key developers of the Canadian video game industry in an event called “Gaming Second Contact” – everyone is invited to meet and greet the local game makers and Canada’s own tech-expert Marc Saltzman!

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Brand new for 2015, the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show is delighted to host an “Outdoor Electronics Playground” (on Saturday, October 31st only) in a courtyard parking lot where adults and kids are invited to see demonstrations and learn about the latest electric vehicles, e-bikes, scooters, charging stations, as well as cutting edge drones and remote control toys. Tesla electric cars will be the focal point of our electric vehicle showcase, while other electric vehicles are also expected to be shown. From a different technology perspective, Volvo will demonstrate the cutting-edge innovations, unprecedented smartphone integration, and safety features in their cars. Drones have been receiving a lot of media spotlight and for good reason – they employ some of the greatest technological innovations and are incredibly fun to play with. If you’re curious about drones, this is one show area that you won’t want to miss! Several top brands of hobby-level drones will be shown in action and experts will be on-hand to talk about the technology that makes them tick. For a great hands-on experience, be sure to put your skills to the test by driving a remote control car on the drifting track or try your off-roading skills on the rock crawling track! Some of the remote control brands you can expect to see include HPI, Tamiya, MST and Sakura.

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As attendees have come to expect from past editions of TAVES, the show hosts a dizzying array of audio and home theater demonstrations. If you love music and movies, you will be absolutely amazed by the number of audio and video brands you’ll be able to experience at the show. TAVES is all about engaging and interactive experiences, so be sure to check out all the demos. From big brands to niche high-end brands, TAVES has products to satisfy everyone’s taste and budget. If you prefer to listen to music on the go, you’ll be happy to discover many brands of headphones, earphones and portable hifi products to listen to on the show floor, as well. Every year, dozens of new audio and video products are launched for the first time on the show floor. This fall, TAVES welcomes a record number of new exhibitors in this area – companies who will show off their products for the first time at TAVES.

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But the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show is not just about showcasing the latest products, it is a fantastic learning experience for everyone curious about the latest technology and trends. Throughout the 3-day event, a series of free seminars and meetups (many included in the price of your show ticket) are offered to adults and kids, covering the topics of technology, robotics, 3d printing, virtual reality, home audio, home theater and more.

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In addition to numerous kids focused exhibits, the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show is thrilled to engage and inspire young minds by offering a number of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) workshops, presented by the Logics Academy ( Several 2-hour workshops will be offered on Saturday, Oct. 31 and Sunday, Nov. 1, for kids aged between 6 and 13. These workshops include: Programming Adventures, Robot Jousting, Doodlebot, Bumble Bee (Musical Pencil), Robot Olympics, Talkbot and Bump Bot. We encourage parents to explore the TAVES show floor, while their kids participate in one or more of the workshops. For more information about these amazing workshops and to register your child, please visit the TAVES registration desk!

Another show feature – just for kids – is the CoderDojo Markham workshop, a monthly meetup which introduces youth between the ages of 7-17 to the world of computer programming. The group will host its monthly meetup at the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show and invites all young show goers to join them. This meetup focuses on learning new computer languages, app creation platforms, and coding tools. You will work with, and learn from your peers, in a project based environment, supported by a team of mentors and volunteers with computer programming experience.

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Last October, “Gaming: First Contact” brought York Region’s gaming talent together, and featured a panel discussion followed by some great networking. This fantastic event was attended by more than 100 people, and saw AMD, Sulon Technologies, Clipwire Games, Gamehive and Game Pill on the panel (moderated by tech expert Marc Saltzman). A year later, we’re leveling up and “Gaming: Second Contact” is coming to TAVES! On Saturday, October 31 from 1pm to 2pm, Marc Saltzman will return to moderate a panel of leaders of several gaming companies from the Greater Toronto Area and York Region. The discussion will be informal and cover a lot of ground – trends in the industry, key developments, what to expect in 2016 – a discussion you don’t want to miss! This will also be a great opportunity to network with the local gaming companies who are constantly looking for new talent.

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“CAGE at the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show” will introduce a cosplay element that will bring together innovation, culture and collaboration in York Region. TAVES attendees are encouraged to join fellow cosplayers and dress as their favourite character. Developed in partnership with ventureLAB and Markham Public Library, CAGE will be equipped with a photo booth, 3D printed accessories and mini trivia contests throughout the weekend. Leading up to the event, TAVES attendees are encouraged to make their own accessories – in 3D! On October 22, the Markham Public Library Cornell Branch will be hosting a Mini Maker Expo from 4-6 p.m., where participants can meet real makers and try out their own creations. The 3D printers at Cornell Library are open to the public any time during library hours, and you are encouraged to create your own costume and accessories for TAVES. For more information on the 3D printers, call Markham Public Library at 905-513-7977. Prizes for the best cosplay will be awarded each day of TAVES.

The Jolt! Art Gallery was a huge success at last year’s show and has returned for 2015, with some exciting new additions. The gallery features art from local artists ranging from tech-inspired paintings to photography and sculptures. The gallery showcases over 100 pieces of art from nearly 20 artists, displayed throughout the main TAVES show floor for every visitor to take pleasure in

We hope you enjoy the show! – Suave Kajko, President of TAVES –

Save $6 Off Show Admission!

To register for your discounted show ticket please visit and find the green “Order Now” button on this page, hit the “Enter promotional code” link just above and type in 15chfrocks. This discount is valid until Oct. 29th and for a limited number of tickets, so pick up yours today! Feel free to share this discount code with your friends online.

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