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Audience cable has announced its new flagship line of cables – the Au24 SX series, which includes interconnects, loudspeaker, phono and digital cables that have been developed for use with the finest of audio systems.

Au24 SX supersedes the performance of Audience’s long-standing and acclaimed Au24 cable lines by utilizing an improved XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) dielectric material, higher-purity “six nines” copper, and by improvements to the cable geometry. The Au24 SX loudspeaker cables are of a heavier gauge than previous Au24 lines.

In comparison to the previous versions, the new SX cables are more relaxed yet more dynamic sonically and have a richer tonal palette. The RCA connectors are a new proprietary solder free design. The XLR interconnect is an entirely new true dedicated differential cable designed from the ground up solely for use in balanced circuits.

Audience Au24 SX cables, like all previous Au24 cables are low mass and low eddy current resistance designs using minimal jacketing materials. They retain music’s natural timing and timbre.

The new Au24 SX series is purported by Audience to provide greater transparency, improved focus, higher resolution, with a richer tonality and purer soundstage than the outgoing former Au24 series.

The new Audience Au24 SX cables and interconnects are currently available, with the 1-meter Au24 SX RCA interconnect priced at: $1,800 U.S./pair.  Look for more information at:

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