3 Beez – Wax Box 3 System

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3Beez Wax Box

3beez has announced their new Wax Box 3 system, a new version of its Wax Music Management System for storage, maintenance and playback of digital music. The new Wax Box 3 is now smaller, yet retains the former modes 1 TB storage capacity. A Wax Box 2 remains in the product line for audiophiles who require 3 TB of storage. Both products incorporate a new DAC for superior sound quality.

Despite its small size, Wax Box 3 still provides automatic backups to a second internal HDD. Users can connect an external USB hard-drive to the USB port.

The Wax Box 3 system ships with the same custom Wax software that makes it easy to survey a collection for a desired recording and to distinguish multiple versions of the same work. Users can store as much metadata as they want for each recording, including members of a band or the cast of an opera. Music lovers who purchase downloads will appreciate support for liner notes. Auto completion makes it easier to enter metadata when necessary. The Wax Box now supports streaming services such as Spotify and Tidal as well as the welcome addtional of both DSD and multi-channel FLAC.

The new Wax Box system is still completely silent, with fanless cooling and a cache for sound files in a solid-state drive. The sound drive spins only long enough to transfer the sound files to the cache.

The Wax Music Management System Box 3 is available immediately at a MSRP of: $4600 U.S. Look for more details at: http://www.3beez.com

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