AURALiC Taurus Headphone Amp

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AURALiC has just announced that their new Taurus headphone amplifier is now in production.  The new Taurus headphone amplifier is designed to drive virtually any dynamic headphone on the market.

The new Taurus utilizes an ORFEO Class-A output module.  The ORFEO module delivers 1000mW (600 ohm) to 4500mW (32 ohm).  As well, an ultra-low noise input buffer is tailored by AURALiC to provide the Taurus with a wide dynamic range of greater than 130dB, while maintaining output noise below 5uV.

The AURALiC Taurus will begin shipping by the end of January 2012 at a MSRP of $1,799 U.S.

Look for more details on the AURALiC Taurus at:

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