Denon DHT-1513BA Home Theatre System

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 Denon Electronics has just announced the availability of their new DHT-1513BA Home Theater System, which is purported to be a powerful yet compact solution that combines an advanced Denon A/V receiver and amplifier with six acoustically matched Boston Acoustics loudspeakers.  

Denon’s DHT-1513BA system features a slimmer, vibration-resistant chassis design twenty percent smaller than previous Denon home theater systems, making it ideal for easy installation in virtually any room. DHT-1513BA offers simple and intuitive ways to incorporate more personal audio/video content from smartphones, digital cameras, via easily accessible front-panel HDMI input.

The powerful DHT-1513BA system utilizes a set of four Boston Acoustics satellite speakers, one center-channel speaker, and one down-firing subwoofer, all optimized for use with one another, lending to a larger and more defined soundstage.  

The DHT-1513BA’s built-in receiver is outfitted with several audio technologies to ensure an immersive surround sound experience. With equal power amp design, each of the receiver’s five channels is powered by its own discrete circuitry. This allows the receiver to reproduce original sounds more faithfully than those which use integrated circuits. Additionally, thanks to its four HDMI inputs, the system lets users route multiple high-definition devices, including set-top boxes, game consoles and Blu-ray players, directly to their TV. Users can also connect all of their devices to the display with a single HDMI cable effectively reducing cable clutter.

The Blu-ray player also has the ability to pass through 3D signals to enable users to enjoy today’s emerging 3D video technologies.

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