DTS:X Details Announced

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DTS, Inc. has just released details about DTS:X – an open, next-generation, object-based, multi-dimensional audio technology, which allows for numerous customization options for both commercial cinema and home theater applications.

Unlike existing surround sound systems, DTS:X is not tied to prescribed speaker configurations or a specific number of audio channels. DTS:X adapts to the viewing environment, allowing for a flexible speaker configuration that best fits the viewing space. DTS:X more accurately conveys the fluid movement of sound to create a richer entertainment soundscape than has previously been possible by moving sound objects to and through specific locations within – in front of, behind, above and beside the audience, precisely where the mixer placed them.

Using object-based audio, DTS:X can scale soundtracks across a wide range of playback systems, while remaining true to the content creator’s vision, resulting in an immersive and most authentic three-dimensional audio experience.

The foundation of DTS:X is MDA, DTS’ license fee-free, open platform for creation of object-based immersive audio. MDA gives movie studios unprecedented control over the specific placement, movement and volume of sound objects. The platform also enables sound engineers to “mix once” for both immersive and conventional cinemas in a combined object- and channel-based audio format, allowing content to be easily distributed beyond the theater for streaming, broadcast, optical media and more.

MDA provides the professional audio community with a license fee-free method for mixing and storage of audio content. The DTS:X licensing program in cinema will offer theater owners the opportunity to provide their audience the most compelling, immersive sound experience possible. This can be achieved for almost any room configuration by installing DTS:X-approved equipment and working with the recommended speaker installation guidelines.

To ensure quality and provide flexibility within the DTS:X program, DTS has partnered with industry-leading server, sound rendering and processing companies. Carmike Cinemas, a leader in digital cinema and 3D cinema deployments and one of the largest motion picture exhibitors in the US, will upgrade selected theaters to DTS:X beginning in Spring 2015.

•Carmike 15 (Columbus, Ga.)
•Carmike Movies ATL 278 (Atlanta, Ga.)
•Chapel Hills 13 (Colorado Springs, Colo.)
•Rosemont 18 (Rosemont, Ill.)
•Thoroughbred 20 (Franklin, Tenn.)
•Thousand Oaks 14 (Thousand Oaks, Calif.)
•Valley Bend 18 (Huntsville, Ala.)
“We believe in the open platform philosophy of DTS:X and are excited to be among the first theater partners to be onboard,” said Fred Van Noy, senior vice president and chief operating officer, Carmike Cinemas. “The flexibility of DTS:X allows us to deliver an immersive experience to a broader audience. We love the fact that DTS:X adapts not only to numerous room designs; it also enables us to continue working with our existing equipment provider, QSC.”

DTS is presently working with several major studios and mixing stages in Los Angeles, Northern California and Canada that are evaluating DTS:X. DTS:X content announcements will be made by the studios when ready, in alignment with DTS.

Manufacturers representing nearly 90 percent of the home AVR and surround processor market will launch DTS:X-enabled products beginning in early Summer 2015, with additional manufacturer and model announcements to follow in the coming months. Confirmed AVR partners include:

•Denon – AVR-X7200W available now / DTS:X firmware upgrade later in 2015
•Integra – launching several models by Fall 2015
•Marantz – AV8802 available now / DTS:X firmware upgrade later in 2015
•Onkyo – launching several models by Fall 2015
•Pioneer – details to follow
•Steinway Lyngdorf – P200 Surround Sound Processor available Summer 2015 / DTS:X firmware upgrade in Fall 2015
•Theta Digital – Casablanca IVa available Summer 2015
•Trinnov Audio – Altitude32 available now / DTS:X firmware upgrade Summer 2015
•Yamaha – launching DTS:X ready models in Fall 2015

DTS:X solutions are also available for 2015 AV receiver silicon platforms representing the majority of the DSP platform market share, including Cirrus Logic, Analog Devices and Texas Instruments.

For home theater system owners, DTS:X provides personalization, flexibility and control for the most optimized listening experience possible. DTS:X builds upon existing DTS-HD Master Audio to provide backward compatibility with existing DTS bitstreams and speaker layouts. All features of DTS-HD Master Audio are supported and enable an immersive audio experience for older content. DTS:X can spatially reformat stereo, 5.1 or 7.1 content to take full advantage of all speakers in a surround system.

Flexible Speaker Layout – With flexible speaker layouts and remapping technology, DTS:X allows the placement of home theater speakers virtually anywhere. The freedom of object-based audio enables optimized playback on a multitude of speaker layouts, with any number of speakers. The DTS speaker remapping engine supports any speaker configuration within a hemispherical layout based around the listening position in the room.

•2015 DTS:X AVRs can support up to 11.2 speaker output channels
•Content created for a specific speaker layout can be remapped for playout through a different layout
•Enables remapping of outputs to custom or OEM-defined speaker layouts, and remapping legacy content to new output configurations
•Support for 32 speaker locations (subject to each manufacturer’s product capabilities)
•Metadata-based spatial mapping renders the ideal 3D sound image to actual speaker layouts
Lossless – DTS is known for lossless, master audio quality with no compromise, delivering dynamic bit allocation. DTS:X supports lossless encoding for the highest audio quality possible. In situations where bitrate is of high concern, DTS:X can also operate in a high-quality lossy mode.
•Supports up to 96k for object mixes
•Still supports up to 192k for stereo and multi-channel mixes
•DTS:X is true to the audio master, delivers in the highest quality and preserves its fidelity

DTS Headphone:X
As part of DTS’ strategy to support the entire ecosystem of sound, DTS Headphone:X will be operable over mobile devices, enhancing ordinary headphones with fully immersive surround sound. With DTS technology, even the smallest screens will sound huge.

For more information about DTS, please visit: http://listen.dts.com/

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