Edifier Spinnaker Bluetooth Speaker System

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Edifier has introduced its flagship speaker system – the Spinnaker.  With a sail inspired design, Edifier claims the Spinnaker delivers crystal clear sound.

The Spinnaker stands 16.5″ tall and is designed to project sound towards the listener with front facing tweeters and mid-range drivers, reinforced with a downward firing bass driver in each speaker.  The Spinnaker is Bluetooth enabled and features a USB rechargeable wireless remote control for volume, track navigation and play/pause preferences, within a 10-meter radius (30 ft).

The sail inspired form of the Spinnaker is purported to enhance the sound.  Using a tapered cylindrical shape, internal standing waves and resonances are unable to collect to a measurable degree in any area within the enclosure and in fact, cancel themselves out at various frequencies.  Additionally, the aluminum frame paired with internal damping materials reduces unwanted enclosure vibration.  The result is a more lifelike and accurate sound presentation for the listener.

Tri-amping is involves using three separate audio amplifiers to power a 3-way loudspeaker – one to power the bass driver (woofer), one to power the mid-range and the third to power the treble driver (tweeter).  This is different than a traditional single amplifier method that divides power to a woofer, mid and tweeter via a crossover filter, which can lead to wasted power and diminished response.  The tri-amping design still utilzes a crossover; however, it is a DSP electronic crossovers within Spinnaker’s amplifiers.  This design also serves to reduce internal components and provide more internal air in a smaller enclosure.  

The Edifier Spinnaker is available in black and burgundy for $349.99 U.S.  currently.  Look for more details at:  www.Edifier.ca.

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