Emotiva XPR-5 Reference Power Amplifier

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Emotiva Audio Corporation, just announced the release of their new XPR-5 Five-Channel Reference Power Amplifier.  The XPR-5 features a faceplate constructed of 25 millimeters of solid billet aluminum.  The face contains a 60 LED dual-colour dimmable level metering systembehind a smoked polycarbonate window.  Variable intensity accent lighting serves to add aesthetic flair that is in character with other Emotiva products.

The XPR-5 boasts five high-efficiency Class AB power amplifier modules powered by a massive 3.3 kVA Optimized Class H toroidal power supply.  All of the internal electronics are controlled, monitored, and protected by an advanced ARM-7 microprocessor with a custom operating system for reliability.  The result is 400 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 600 watts per channel into 4 ohms, with all channels driven.  Distortion is claimed to be very low.

Rounding out the XPR-5’s impressive feature set is a clean, elegant back panel with five independently switchable balanced (XLR) and unbalanced ( solid machine , audiophile quality, gold plated RCA) inputs; massive heavy duty audiophile speaker binding posts with clear acrylic insulators and gold-plated contacts, designed to accept heavy-gauge bare cables, lugs, or banana plugs; 12V trigger inputs and outputs; an input voltage switch; and an IEC receptacle for the amp’s requisite 20A power cable.

The Emotiva XPR-5 is available now for a retail price of $1999 U.S.  Look for details at www.emotiva.com.

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