Gato Audio DIA-250 / 400 Class-D Integrated Amplifiers

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Gato Audo DIA-250

Gato Audio just unveiled a couple new integrated amplifier models at the Munich High-End Show, May 9-12th.  The new models are the DIA-250 and DIA-400 Class-D Integrated Amplifiers and both amplifiers have a built-in DAC with coaxial, optical and USB inputs.  In additional to the digital inputs, analogue input is supported via both unblanced (RCA) and balanced (XLR) connections and output is via RCA or XLR connection.  Rated power output is as the names suggest: the DIA-250 providing 250 watts per channel into 8 ohm and the DIA-400 supplying 400 watts per channel with both doubling up power output into 4 ohm loads.  Using Class-D technology, high efficiency, high output power and high voltage swing capability is possible, all within a compact chasis. 

The DIA-250 and DIA-400 will be available in June 2013 in three finishes: high gloss black, white and walnut.  North American pricing has not yet been announced.  Look for more details at:



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