ModWright KWA-150 Stereo Amp Signature Edition

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The ModWright team has spent nearly two years in additional R&D improving its top-dog stero amp, the KWA-150.  The result is the newly announced ModWright KWA-150 stereo amp Signature Edition which retails for $1500 more than the original model.  The upgrade is also available to all existing KWA-150 owner for $2000.

The key improvements in the Signature Edition include the following:

 •  Circuit design revisions to input circuits that lower distortion and improve dynamics and resolution.

•  Cryo-treated, solid core ultra-pure input wiring and 12GA stranded audio-grade output signal wire to binding posts.

•  Revised capacitor bank (current storage design) that increases total storage (capacitance) and also lowers power supply impedance, which translates to faster current delivery to the output stage.

 The Signature Edition is said to deliver a more open and resolving overall presentation, tighter and faster bass and transients as well as improved speed and dynamics, whilst still retaining tube-like midrange qualities.   Other areas of improvement include the soundstage and low-level cues due to an even lower noise floor.

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