Audyssey Introduces Low Frequency Containment (LFC)

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Audyssey, a company well known for their audio technology just announced their Audyssey Low Frequency Containment (LFC).  This new technology restricts low frequencies from traveling through walls.

I’m sure at one time or another we’ve been troubled by a noisy neighbour or hopefully at least concerned about troubling our neighbours when the volume gets turned up on our own system.  While high frequencies are easily stopped by walls, low frequencies go right through them.

Audyssey determined the frequency range of sound waves that most readily pass through walls.  Their LFC process reduces the level of those frequencies while utilizing pychoacoustic processing to provide listeners with the perception of low bass in the room.  Audyssey LFC dynamically monitors the low frequency range and engages only when it finds the offending frequencies.  Hmmm – we’ll soon be able to turn it up without fret.

Audyssey LFC is expected to begin appearing in AVRs this September.

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