MSB Technology – Universal Media Transport (UMT)

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MSB Technology has just announced their new Universal Media Transport (UMT).  The UMT is built around a non-modified OPPO Blu Ray BDP-93 drive, which allows for the eventual quick, easy replacement of the drive, where needed.  In addition, video firmware is easily updateable as required using OPPO standard firmware updates.    


Going beyond the drive and video processing, the UMT becomes all MSB.  Unlike a traditional CD transport – the data from the disc is never output directly; rather it is stored first in the memory, rebuilt and clocked back out using a highly stable clock. Using proprietary MSB software processing is applied as required to the raw stream.  The music data is then played back via two paths: 1) output on the S/PDIF digital outputs (4 outputs provided) in the best quality 24 bit signal possible, which can be attached to any DAC. 2) full resolution jitter-free outputs are provided via the MSB Network – a proprietary MSB connection method for MSB products – can be connected to any MSB DAC with perfect timing and extremely low jitter.   


The power supply utilizes MSB’s latest technology brought forward from the new DAC IV series. The UMT has been designed to read and output a bit-perfect, jitter free output to any DAC. 


The MSB universal transport starts at$3.995 U.S. with a number of additional options available.


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