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Bowers & Wilkins (B&W), the well renowned British loudspeaker company, has just updated its M-1 ultra compact loudspeaker, the speaker that pairs with their new PV1D subwoofer or ASW608 subwoofer in B&W’s new Mini Theater systems.

The new M-1 is designed to serve as a left, right, center and/or surround channel speaker and is said to offer improved full range performance over its predecessor. The improvements are primarily due to all new drive units, including a B&W proprietary tweeter and bass/mid-range driver that uses a mushroom-shaped Anti-Resonance Plug.

The new M-1 includes improved speaker cable terminations and the connections to the stands. A table-top stand and wall bracket are supplied with the M-1, while a floor stand is available as an optional extra for US$150. The new M-1 units weigh 2.3 kg (5 lb) and measure 248 (h) x 114 (w) x 162 (d) mm (9.8 x 4.5 x 6.4 in), with a frequency response of 64 Hz to 23 kHz and recommended amplifier power of 20W to 100W. They are available in matte white or black.

The new M-1 speakers are the foundation of the MT-60D Mini Theater system, which partners five M-1 units with the new PV1D subwoofer. The new PV1D subwoofer is the successor of the former DB1. The PV1D uses the same balanced drive and pressure vessel concept of its predecessor but adds Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and a dynamic EQ circuit for greater potential performance.

The PV1D measures 323 (h) x 270 (w) x 358 (d) mm (13.5 x 10.6 x 14.1 in) and weighing 18.7 kg (41 lb), it has a frequency response of 7.5 Hz to 570 Hz and a power output of 400W. The PV1D is available in matte black or white and includes an OLED display and buttons for selecting pre-sets and tuning options. A custom version of the SubApp PC software also provides more advanced set-up options.

A new MT-50 Mini Theater includes five new M-1 speakers paired with the ASW608 subwoofer that is available in matte white or original matte black to match finishes with the new M-1 speakers.

The new M-1 have a MSRP of $250 U.S. each, while the PV1D is $1,700 U.S. and the ASW608 will be available for $500 U.S. The MT-50 will retail for $1,750 U.S., while the MT-60D sells for $2,950 U.S.

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