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NuForce has just officially announced their Air DAC Wireless System. This new set of products has been developed for personal audio streaming, allowing for wireless transmission of music files from a computer or Apple device.

The Air DAC wireless system is a combination wireless transmitter (NuForce iTX for Apple devices or uTX for computer USB) and a radio receiver (Air DAC), utilizing 2.4GHz wireless technology. Using the Air DAC wireless receiver with any compatible device connected to a matching uTX / iTX transmitter, a wireless audio network is created.

Since each transmitter can stream audio to up to four receivers the Air DAC wireless system can easily permit whole house audio connectivity. The Air DAC Receiver utilizes a DAC stage that is based on a new wireless technology known as SKAA, allowing for easy setup.

The Air DAC and associated TX transmitters are purported to provide CD-quality sound, virtually no latency, a 15-30 meter range, and a spread-spectrum technology that selects the best frequency for transmission.

There is no need for Wi-Fi routers or IP addresses, as the system is essentially plug-and-play.

The NuForce Air DAC products and bundle are currently available, unless otherwise stated, at the U.S. MSRP’s below:

– Air DAC receiver: $149
– uTX Transmitter: $59
– iTX Transmitter: $79 (available 3/15)
– Air DAC uWireless System (bundle): $179
– Air DAC iWireless System (bundle): $199 U.S. (available 3/15)

Look for more details on the Air DAC products at:

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