NuForce STA-100 Class-D Stereo Amplifier

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NuForce Inc. has just released a new stereo power amplifier, named the STA-100.  The STA-100 is said to offer audiophile-grade sound quality by way of a high efficiency switching amplifier that permits a competitive price.  

NuForce’s patented design uses Class-D amplifier topology to provide 160-Watts per channel. The STA-100 incorporates NuForce’s proprietary feedback circuitry, self-resonant design, with a 400 kHz PWM switching frequency that adjusts to the input signal, output current demands, and loudspeaker impedance variations.  Modern sleek styling and compact size is in keeping with NuForce Reference Series components.  

The new STA-100 has been deisigned to work optimally with the NuForce DAC-100 digital-to-analog converter and HAP-100 preamplifier/headphone amp

The NuForce STA-100 is available worldwide for a suggested retail price of US $695 and will begin shipping on April 2, 2013.  Look for more information on the STA-100 at:



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