Rotel RA-1570, RCD-1570, RMB-1585 and RMB-1555

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Rotel RA-1570

Rotel has announced the release of four new products from their stable, which include an integrated stereo amplifier with USB DAC, a CDP and two five-channel amps. 

The RA-1570 is an integrated amplifier rated at 2×120 watts into 8 ohms, Class A/B. Key features include front-panel USB input (Apple i-Device compatible), rear-panel asynchronous PC-USB input supporting files up to 192kHz/24-bit files, two coaxial digital and two optical digital inputs, analog inputs including balanced XLR connections, and a Wolfson WM8740 192/24 stereo DAC with selectable digital filters.  

The new RCD-1570 CDP provides up to 192/24 via an integrated Wolfson WM8740 DAC. The CD player also features two digital filter modes for a choice of roll-off characteristics, slot-loading disc transport that isolates the disc from potentially destructive vibration modes, and balanced XLR outputs.

The new RMB-1585 is Rotel’s new flagship multi-channel amplifer that delivers 5×200-watt, Class AB, utilizing toroidal transformers for higher performance.  The RMB-1585 features single-ended inputs via RCA jacks, balanced connections via three-pin XLR connectors, and dual fans.

The other new multichannel amp is the RMB-1555 and is a 5×120-watt Class D model. The new model uses discrete output transistors with higher thermal stability than integrated circuit outputs, the company said. It features 12-volt remote control trigger and single-ended RCA inputs.

The integrated amp RA-1570 and the CD player RCD-1570 become available in May at MSRP’s of $1,599 U.S. and $999 U.S., respectively.  While the multichannel amps, the RMB-1585 and RMB-1555 become available in the summer at $2,999 U.S. and $1,699, respectively.  Look for more details to be made available at:


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